Tuesday, December 14, 2010


From the outside, he probably looks like any ol' nerd, but through his eyes, he is a stud. He likes to read and research, to know a lot about a lot of things. He prides himself on tidbits of information that he can throw at anyone but that never stick in anyone's mind other than his own. He thinks this will make him memorable, especially to girls.

One thing that Christopher does not share with other nerds is the inexplicable fear that comes with talking to or (in any way) interacting with girls. He has too much confidence to be afraid of any little girls that he gets near. His first thought is always to bedazzle them with his knowledge. His folly is not knowing how to pick the right kind of knowledge to bedazzle. He has been seen talking about computer hardware to girls clearly raised on Macs and iphones, who had no idea what he is saying. And he thought he was making good progress too.

Christopher used to play video games during every free moment he had. The kind played online, with other people. The frustration of being taken advantage of by players he thought were girls, that turned out to be guys looking for hand outs, led him to leave the gamer world behind. It demanded too much of his time, and he needed that time for his budding romance life. 

His downfall was his introduction to the peacock theory. "Just be remembered for something, something out of place to the setting you're in." This concept did not hit Christopher the way it should have.


  1. Have you ever thought of perhaps doing screenwriting? You should give it a shot and see what happens.

  2. you just described someone who is very close to me! one of my close guy friends I feel knows a lot of information, especially about comics, electronic gadgets, and computers (he built his own from parts he bought from e-bay). He also has this tendency to call himself "sexy" as a joke, though I think deep down he believes it a little. & when it comes to girls, he thinks he can get them all with his smooth talking. And in the end, he comes calling me asking what he did wrong. I'd tell him, but he never changes his ways haha it's kinda funny

  3. Christopher is interesting. How do you determine one's gender through an avatar? The guy sounds a little desperate