Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Perhaps it was his hyper active imagination and constant jittery condition during his childhood that made him as paranoid as he grew up to be. His father used to enjoy chasing him up stairs and sneaking up behind him when he was busy, only to see him jump. Now, he cannot help but dash up every flight and turn at every step-sounding thud that he hears behind him. 

Timothy can't help but feel like someone can see everything that he is doing. He gets worried even if he isn't doing anything that needs to be hid. The thought just hovers in the back of his mind all the time. 

He has trouble sitting still. His foot is always shaking back and forth, his fingers are constantly in his mouth, nails can't stop being bitten. He gets accused of having "one cup too many" multiple times a day and it makes him laugh every time. Caffeine always had the opposite effect on Timothy; he only drinks it when he wants to pay very calm attention to something. He is also used to being asked if he has attention deficit disorder, which he is always tempted to give a smart ass answer to. But, instead, he just asks what gave them that idea, hoping they actually give him a straight answer.

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