Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alien Ally

That is a self proclaimed and secret title. Ally is an only child and spends a lot of time on her own, entertaining herself with her imagination. She has an array of little games that only she would ever play and she doesn't talk about them. She cannot imagine that anyone would find them the slightest bit amusing and she would feel invaded if they knew about them, like they would notice as soon as she started playing them. 

She has a love/hate relationship with her oldest game. She has tried to stop playing it but always finds herself starting it again. She blames it on her subconscious every time she fails quitting. What else could it be? This particular game, her oldest and (she thinks) most ridiculous, can be played almost anywhere, but she plays it almost exclusively on city streets using sidewalk lines and garage doors. The only objective of her game is even distribution; she must divide passing garage doors in two between her left and right halves. Sidewalk lines are easier to explain, their thickness determines their value; if the left foot stepped in a more gaping line, the right one must step on the next two or three lines that are thinner. If the right foot happens to step on a thicker line in this evening out process, then the left foot must catch up. It's a very solitary game, and very hard to stop since Ally usually looks at the ground when she walks, to avoid eye contact. This game makes her feel somewhat isolated from the sidewalk line norm

Ally enjoys playing video games but refuses to get too invested in them. She prefers quick, almost thoughtless wastes of time. But she doesn't spend too much time on them. 

Ally is not a terribly talkative person. She doesn't feel interesting and  does not want to waste people's time on uninteresting mumbles that they would have to strain in order to hear. She is very quiet and enjoys filling up the background, rather than being the center of attention. Her hobby is in noticing very small, very insignificant details, which she feels can speak for a person without them knowing. She sometimes worries what her own details are saying about her, but is comforted by her belief that no one sees her.

She doesn't understand why anyone would think that was a lonely way to think.

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  1. Hi Oksana! Very interesting blogs. Out of all the blogs you posted I like this one. I guess in away I can kind of relate to Ally. As I was reading this I got that she seemed shy and that she was in her own little world and as time went by gets over the fact that she is invisible to others around her. Well when I was a kid I was she, especially to people I didn't know. I wasn't the type of person to go up to strangers and introduce myself. I felt I was boring and thought that who would want to talk to be. Solution to this is (I learned it later in life) that all that's needed is confidence in oneself and its all good. I don't know reading this post, I think I can kind of relate to it.