Tuesday, December 14, 2010


He was a nightmare to raise and never really shed all of his childhood obnoxiousness. A couple of those traits just grew to be a part of his ...charm. Jr's mother used to have the patience to ask him ten times to do something that woulds only take him a couple of minutes, but over time that patience dwindled. As he got older, his mother's voice got louder with less provocation. She eventually resorted to standing over her son and watching him take out the trash, wash the dishes or clean the litter box. Whatever the chore, she would watch to make sure he did it. The boy became accustomed to having an audience. He started refusing to do anything unless someone was watching. 

Now, even in his twenties, Jr must always be seen. He must still be asked multiple times to do anything and, if he finally agrees, he requires that whoever is asking stay with him until the chore is complete. He gets offended if he is not asked at all, even though it would get the job done faster. 

Attention became Jr's addiction early in life. Now that he cannot demand it with every fit, he pulls stunts in front of strangers to catch some eyes. But if he notices those eyes the he collected, he exclaims that he's outraged they are there.

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